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Hi! They call me Corinne (she/her) and I am an actor.

I am interested in giving a body and voice
to characters and stories which
shape human thinking, feeling And Progress.

I HAVE COllaborated with filmmakers, theatres and immersive media artists.
At the Real-time Studio VRFX in Lucerne
and at Immersive Art Space in Zurich I am working with Motion Capture technology.
With several other actresses who raise awareness for inequality I CO-FOUNDED the association FemaleAct.
OUR MAIN TOPIC is A lack of enough deep and diverse (especially female) roles in Swiss narratives.

You can support us, our work and instruments by becoming a member or learn about ouR cause to amplify our voices. Find us also HERE.
Happy you found me. Stay A little.
I LOOK forward to workING with you.

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