Narratives shape humans. We shape narratives.

Hi. Thank you for landing here.
They call me Corinne and I act, direct and write.

As a freelance theatrical artist, I am active at various theatres and in exchange with media artists.

Together we produce and create immersive narrative worlds to enable our audience to have intense theatrical experiences and to gain experience on our part.

In the team of Envode I develop interactive narratives for all kinds of media. At the Realtime Studio VRFX in Lucerne I put these experiences into practice as and installations as a narrative director and performance capture actress.

Together with Leonie Pichler I work on the topic of spirituality and theatre. Check out our ongoing project #THEGHOSTISPRESENT.

I am influenced by many great storytellers, actresses and artists.

One of the many who continues to inspire me is BRIT MARLING, co-creator of The OA and writer of the fabulous essay «I don’t want to be the strong female lead». Read it here.

With several other actresses who raise awareness for inequality and a lack of enough deep and diverse (especially female) roles in Swiss narratives, we created FemaleAct.

Happy you’re here. Stay if you like. Read some poems. Love wins. xx C